Year Surplus

Material: Flint-glazed paper

Time: 2008.02

Size: 8.5 X 11''

My Bachelor degree is Art design. Butterfly and Fish is based on the topic "Fish" of one of my undergraduate foundation classes. The requirement was "fish but not real fish". I did not know what I could do, and the only thing that I knew was that I am good at paper cutting. There are two fish and a lotus in this picture. It is a classic and common subjects that people often see in traditional Chinese paper cutting. Lotus in Chinese is 莲 (lián), and it is the same pronunciation as another Chinese character 连 (lián), which means continuation. And, fish in Chinese is 鱼 (yú), and it is the same pronunciation as the Chinese character 余 (yú), which means surplus. When these two words meet each other, they become good friends. Usually, it contains the wish for have leftovers of wealth for one year after another.