First Friday Art & Craft

Hi Everyone, I am hosting Art & Craft workshop on the First Friday of each month at MiuCha—a Chinese bubble tea house in Chinatown in Philadelphia. Each month I will share different art with you. Check out the art and schedule now!

Create Beautiful Window Flower


You can do this without any drawing skills! The results will even more amazing than a regular watercolor or painting. Plus, everyone can create a window flower that no one can copy. And I promise you it is easy and only takes 4 steps!


Make an Origami Lantern

Do you know module origami? It is a magic! What you need to do is just copy, paste, and assemble. The lantern will be a perfect decoration for your home or a wonderful gift for friends.


Produce a Metal Embossing

We are not going to use metal, but by the end of this workshop you will have a metal embossing artwork to take home. Want to know how to do it? Check it out!


Personalized Jewelry Making

Start making your own handmade jewelry with affordable and home-studio friendly jewelry supplies. We will teach you the basic techniques and skills.