Material: Chinese raw rice paper

Time: 2016.03

Size: 12 X 16''

Tree is one of my favorite subjects of paper cutting. When I was creating this piece, I was originally going to name it 'Anxiety', because at that time I could not find a job to support myself. I tried to start my own art studio. I rent a space in a art center. But, I had some conflict with the owner. I lost and I was confused and I did not know if it is wright to keep at it. I did not know the reason that I designed a tree to express my feelings. It just straight came out of my mind. I drew a lot spiculate shapes inside the tree in order to show my uncomfortable perception about everything happened during that period. When I dying the color, I even chose some color that I though it would be ugly if they blened to each other.  I was going to express my negative emotions. Nevertheless, when the final result came out of the piece, I was surprised by the color, it looks natural and brighter than I expected. I felt like it took my cloudy mood away, and I suddenly did not want to give it a passive name.