Material: Chinese raw rice paper

Time: 2015.02

Size: 6 X 6''

I just had a vague impression about something by something exhibition that my husband mentioned to me. I searched on line, and it popped up Rochester Contemporary Art (click me) Center's 6 x 6'' art exhibition. I decided to participate, and I created this. I usually put four layers of Chinese raw rice paper together when I cut out my design, because rice paper is very flimsy and it is the only way to make it stronger for paper cutting. Therefore, after I cut out the patterns, if nothing happened during the cutting process, I would have four piece of exactly the same pattern of paper cutting. I used to dye the color together, because the rice paper is very thin and it absorbs the water very well, and the color can go through and reach the bottom layer. But, this time, I separated the rice paper into two layers each after I done cutting. I wanted to see if I use different color for the same pattern, would them look distinguishable to each other? Actually, the color create a different feeling.