Chinese Culture Story: Chang’e Flying to the Moon (Part Two)

Houyi shot the nine Suns (three-legs birds) off the sky infuriated the Eastern Emperor of the heaven. Houyi became a human being and lived on the earth. There were a lot of people came to apprentice to him.

Houyi had a beautiful wife and her name is Chang E. She followed Houyi came to the Earth and became an ordinary people. Chang E was a nice and kind woman. She always helped people around where they lived and people loved her.

Although Chang E did not complain and adapted to new life on the Earth, Houyi felt guilty for his wife and wanted to do something to make her up. Therefore, he went to see the Queen of the Western Heaven and asked an elixir for Chang E. The Western Queen of the heaven told Houyi that once eat the elixir, normal people could not only stay young and live for ever, but also fly and live in the heaven.

Chang E did not want to separate from her husband. Therefore, she hid the elixir. However, there was an apprentice, Páng Méng, accidently heard about Houyi and Chang E’s conversation about the elixir and planned to steal it immediately.

On the 15th day of August of lunar calendar, it is a day to celebrate harvest of the year. Houyi took his apprentice to hunt for the people in the town. Páng Méng realized that it was a good time to found out the elixir. So, he sneaked back after everyone started hunting. But, he found all the corners and could not find the elixir.

Páng Méng went to see Chang E and tried to force her to give him the elixir. Chang E refused no matter how Páng Méng threatening her. At last, Páng Méng raised the bow and aim the arrow at her, Chang E had no choice but swallowed the elixir. As soon as she swallowed the elixir, she felt her body become lighter and lighter, and she started flying into the air.

When Houyi came back home, Chang E had already flied to the Moon. From then, Houyi and Chang E could only watch each other from distance. The villagers also missed Chang E and decided to display the foods that Chang E liked to eat in the yard as a memory of Chang E.

Ever after, people celebrate on August 15th of lunar calendar, and looking forward to getting together with family members as well as seeing Houyi and Chang E being together again.

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