Material: Chinese raw rice paper

Time: 2013.12

Size: 12 X 16''

This was the first piece that I created after I came to the United States. It looks like a blooming flower. In fact, the petals that you see are butterfly wings. I designed different patterns of the wings in order to indicate that they are not flower petals. I always have dreams about I have the ability to fly like a bird or a butterfly. I believe that is my desire of freedom deep inside of my blood. I come from a traditional Chinese family, and my mom wanted me to become a traditional Chinese woman as well just like her. However, I want to try different things and do things that I have interest in. After she finally agreed on my studying abroad, I came to America. Although the flying was not smooth, when I stepped out of the airport, I felt I land on a place that would give me enough space to grow.