Fish and Bird

Material: Flint-glazed paper

Time: 2008.02

Size: 8.5 X 11''

My Bachelor degree is Art design. Butterfly and Fish is based on the topic "Fish" of one of my undergraduate foundation classes. The requirement was "fish but not real fish". I did not know what I could do, and the only thing that I knew was that I am good at paper cutting. I hid the fish into a design of a traditional pattern in the "Butterfly and Fish". However, I had to come up four designs to this topic. I tried to think out of the box, and somehow there is a saying in Chinese that a fish in the sea is just like a bird in the sky went into my mind. As a result, I tried to create the picture that the fish look like birds or the birds look like the fish. If you see the fins in this picture, then there are four fish. If you see wings in this picture, then there are four birds.