Material: Chinese raw rice paper

Time: 2016.06

Size: 16 X 20''

I rarely create figures in my paper cutting. This is possible my third or forth time in my life that I made a figure for paper cutting. It is too hard to present a person's beauty. Basically, human beings all have two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, and two arms and legs. However, some people's features look more comfortable than others. On the other hand, people who have beautiful appearance may have an evil soul. The famous novel, Notre-Dame de Paris, written by Victor Hugo reveals the complex humanity to the readers. It is difficult to depict the real beauty of a person. But, I just made an impulsive decision to design a person to express how much I miss my mom.

I was born against the Chinese second child policy. My mom lost her job and became a full time housewife. My father lost his job, too, and he passed away after a few years. However, my mom said that I was a gift to her and my dad. Although, sometimes, she still treats me as I have not grown up, I know she loves me all her life. The first year I was in America, I felt I was free from my mom's nagging. But, as I become more and more independent, and after I got married, I have to take care of part of the house work and cooking, I realized how great my mom is and how difficult to be a housewife and taking care of everything.

I really miss my mom a lot. I miss her cooking, I miss doing food shopping and clothing shopping with her, and I even miss her nagging. Therefore, I created this piece. I know, in my mom's eyes, I am always a little girl. To me, I wish I could have wings, strong or lots of wings, which could bring me to my mom any time I want.